Mega G Productions began in early 2008. It is a full-service production company owned and operated by Megan Gutman, an extremely passionate filmmaker. She is a prominent and experienced independent film producer with a specialty in music videos and commercials.

Mega G Productions has a reputation for putting the highest possible production value into every project, no matter how large or small. The entirety of every budget provided is put forth to the screen. We strive to ensure that the original creative vision of a project is never lost and that our clients’ and directors’ needs are never neglected or compromised. We are a dedicated, creative company and complete every job from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our honest practices, hard work and talent.

We produce a large range of projects, including commercials, music videos, corporate videos and promos, television pilots, short films, independent feature films, documentaries, webisodes, live concerts, and events. You name it and we will make it happen.

We operate on a domestic and international basis for each project. Whether you have a treatment, script, budget, backing, connection, or simply an idea, we will discuss our options to move forward. We can provide available, interested and talented director options, submit treatment ideas, bid for projects based on budget caps and more. Every job is different and has its own restrictions and balances to manage. We recognize the unique and distinct visions of each project and truly enjoy facilitating the development of production. We are very experienced in hiring crew for all aspects of pre- and post-production. You won’t be disappointed with our services.

We look forward to working with you!